You Can’t Expect A Lot From People These Days, They’ve Not Much Left To Offer These Days.


Net Neutrality – Save Internet – Government of India – Telecos Companies

ATTENTION! – YaKs Jain Wants you to read.

This is critically Important, Please save ‪#‎ourInternet‬ .

Telecos has decided to bring back limitations to net neutrality again.

we need to stand together, We have only one day to share our needs to the Govt.

WE NEED TO! I urge you to!

register at www.mygov.in

today! – I know its a little lengthy as process !That’s what govt wants us to do.

and comment on this discussion poll!


Please save the only good education source of India. Please .

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Is Life That Harsh As I Am Going To Putforth It To Be..

Like Insane Train That Has Us As Passenger As We Do Nothing But Sit Their Gazing Out , Trying To Understand What , Why , How Anf For Whom It Is So Meant To Be.

Is That Actually What Life Is? A Journey?


Are You Devestated Enough To Value Success?

If Not, Know That  You’ll Fall Sometime Soon. After A While You’ll Feel It’s Over. You’ll Fall Deeper Then. And You Will Keep Falling. .

But Then You Will Stand Up!

Tall And Successful.

Never Loose Hope My Friend.