We All Are Alone,
That’s How We Survive It These Days, I Guess.


The Drizzle of Rain is so much unheard on a rainy day..
The Drizzle of Rain is so much more on a summer afternoon..

Needs are existence.
Rest is just things you unnotice.

A Hand Full Of Time And An Ocean Full Of Dreams.

In Our Journey Of Life We Have A Very Simple Question To Answer To The Only Examiner, That’s TIME.
Am Not Telling You To Answer Time By Making Money And Working Hard.
You’re Given This Certain Period, To Live And To Dream, To Dream Is To Work For And To Archive And Learn The Deeper Understanding Of Life. You Can Not Answer Time, All You Can Do Is Prove Or Show Time What You Can Make Of What You Get.

Do You Dream? To Be A Millionaire! That’s Tough! You Laugh Over It.. And You Give Up.
I Dream! I Want to Be A Millionaire! That’s Tough But I Will Give My All Not Because I Dreamt Once To Be One But Cause I Want To Be One.

You Have A Hand Full Of Time, To Create A Legacy By Answering Your Question Paper Of Life.
There Isn’t A Correct Answer, There Is Only Your Answer.
Choose Wise. Less Times. Bigger Dreams. Don’t Waste Your Precious Time.


Life Would Have Been A Painful Misery If I Believe I Am Alone, But This Shade Of Red Just Went Deeper When I Sat Down Watching You.
I Would Make My Silly Faces To Make It Sound Right, But Babe Know Its You Who I Want To Hold On Tight. 🙂