It’s about to change..

You just have to be welcoming to things in life and people.

Difference is just in the culture not the heart.

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Hold Onto Everything That You Need To And Not Can To.

Choice – Yeah Right

I Can Say I Was Pretty Jobless For A While Today So I Got Back To A Hold Hobby Of Surfing The Internet,
I Was Shocked How From DeadPool Game I Landed Up Watching KRK’s (ek chutiya) Video That Answered This Crazy Trend Of #MyChoice , I Laughed My Ass Off. xD Literally.

I Understood Some Basic Logic Of Understanding,  Man They’re Funny.
After Watching My Choice The Video, I Was In A State Where I Needed To Understand What Was The Video About? Choice?  Or Domination?  Or Vogue Branding?  Or Deepika Trying To Tell Her Controversial Reasons For Her LifeStyle đŸ˜›

I Salute And Respect The Women Who Believed In That Video To Be Righteous (Sarcasm Not Intended¡) đŸ˜‰ xD

Anyway, Was Wondering What Do Women Want? Equality? Or Just Trying To Say That Hey, I Don’t Know What I Want, Respect It. Because I Don’t Know But Hey, Respect It. HashTag MyChoice Hashtag MyLife .

We Require Two Hands To Clap And Two Different Genitals To Continue Existing.

Where We Have Male Domination, We Equally See Female Domination.
I Am Just Asking, You To Think Before You React.

I Am Open To Talk On This Tabooish Topic. I Pretty Much Have Enough Answers To Shut Crazy Feminists.